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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

So, What’s New in Elko?

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to meet our brand new AmeriCorps members Kelsey Keema and Jessie Thomas.  Kelsey and Jessie showed that not all girls are squeamish around worms while training Kindergarten scientists studying earthworms this past month.  

The students sang songs, made pipe cleaner earthworm models, moved like a giant earthworm, and most importantly studied earthworms first hand inspecting them close up with magnifying glasses.  Squeals of excitement and joy echoed across the classrooms as the kids attempted to hold the worms while the worms tried desperately to wiggle away. 

Through close observation, the kids learned that earthworms do not have eyes, but can sense light with their photoreceptive cells. It was a great hands-on learning experience for both the students and our new AmeriCorps members.  

Also new, the Nevada Outdoor School Elko is growing such that we are moving into our own office space.  Many thanks to the Elko Parks and Recreation Department for providing office space this past year and a half.  With their assistance, we have been able to grow in a sheltered environment, making connections and learning about the Elko/Spring Creek community.  

The new NOS Elko office is located at 2363 5th Street #102.  As we grow, we will continue collaborating with Elko Parks and Recreation Department on many programs including Elko Explorers and summer camps.

Happy Trails!

-The Nevada Outdoor School Elko Team

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