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Nevada Outdoor School inspires exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the adventure begin!

Lace on your hiking boots, strap on your helmet, fasten your seat belt, shoulder your backpack - whatever you need to prepare for an exciting adventure because we’re heading outdoors! Nevada Outdoor School is bringing you an outdoor ethics blog to get the word out on how to take care of our lands while enjoying them. Posts will be made regularly on topics including:

-  Exciting places to recreate

-  Outdoor ethics events

-  Topics in the news

-  Highlighting innovative organizations and ideas

-  Outdoor ethics tips and tricks

-  Lesson ideas for youth

-  And much more!

Plus, if you have an outdoor ethics question please contact us at and we’ll hit the trail to find the answer!