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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lamoille Canyon Field Trip 2014

Lamoille Canyon Field Trip 2014

I had heard a lot of amazing things about Lamoille Canyon before seeing it for myself. I must say that it held up its reputation. We had orientation the Thursday before the actual field trip to familiarize ourselves with the area and think about our lessons with a place in mind. Then Patrick Connelly, Jessica Page, and I returned on Friday after work to set up camp in the canyon. We had time to explore and stretch our legs a bit. One of the things I had learned about Lamoille before visiting was that it is an area that Himalayan snowcocks can be found. Being a birder, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see one. We planned on an early morning hike to try and find one. Saturday morning we were up at 4 am and shortly after on the trail. The hike up was dark and the sun started peaking over the ridge when we arrived at the end of the trail. It was unreal to watch the sun’s golden beams work their way down the sides of the mountains. Although no snowcocks were spotted, there was no shortage of beauty or awe-inspiring scenery to gaze at. We then returned from the hike to prepare for the kids’ arrival. When the bus arrived, we were split up into groups; I knew this was going to be a fun day after learning more about the kids I would be working with. Some of their interests included “walking around in nature,” “making animal noises,” and “this field trip.” I had so much fun being with the kids in such a beautiful area, not to mention fantastic chaperones and phenomenal weather. One of my favorite parts of the trip was hearing the kids’ reactions to a 10 minute silent meditation activity out on the trail. Patrick and I had them sit silently by themselves in a spot of their choosing to reflect, feel the wind, listen to the birds, think about something, or think about nothing. The thoughts and feelings they shared with the group afterwards put a smile on my face. Another popular activity was a stop at a beaver dam. We talked about how beavers live and their adaptations. I know the kids enjoyed their time at Lamoille Canyon and if they took nothing else away, I know they took with them a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

-Josh Phillipps