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Friday, July 12, 2019

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - Pershing County Senior Center

Here at the Pershing County Senior Center, the AmeriCorps Volunteer fills a void and serves a certain population that would normally go under the radar and underserved. Because of Janice, we are able to help people with mental health resources, health insurance issues, social security questions and guidance, energy assistance relief, as well as providing an extra layer of support to our homebound clients. We are staffed enough to provide the bare minimum to our clients- but sufficient enough to meet all of our grant regulations and requirements. Our AmeriCorps Volunteer provides wellness checks to our homebound clients and provides support that we would not be able to provide otherwise. 

Janice’s work in the community reaches further than we have the capability to reach without her. She helps recruit volunteers, helps fundraise, and educates the residents of Lovelock about all the services we offer which in turn, boosts our clientele and increases our number of service units we provide every month which is part of our grant requirements and grant reporting process. 

Janice provides a life-saving transportation service for absolutely medically necessary doctors’ appointments for clients who otherwise would have absolutely no way of getting to those appointments which without medical intervention, could results in blindness, illness, or even in some instances, death. This position is not only necessary, but incredibly priceless when it comes to us being able to meet our potential and serve as many senior citizens as we possibly can. We would not be able to function without Janice and her willingness to do whatever it takes to help out wherever she can. 

Jordan McKinney