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Monday, October 28, 2019

Snapping Memories of the Beautiful Outdoors

Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to take photos in some of America’s most beautiful locations, from the Appalachian Mountains to Yosemite. While I am definitely not a professional photographer, I do think it is important to always carry some type of camera to capture and preserve different moments from the areas you are visiting. A fancy/professional camera isn’t necessary, as most modern phones take good quality pictures. Sometimes being in the right place at the right moment is all it takes. Below are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the past few years.

Fog in the Tetons:

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:

Sunset in the Black Rock Desert:

Mt Bierstadt-Colorado:

Grand Prismatic Spring-Yellowstone:

Glacier Point-Yosemite:

Happy Trails!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Exploring Responsibly this Fall

With winter coming around soon, now is the best time to go check out the crazy fall colors! There are so many places throughout Nevada to check out some amazing views that only come around once a year. You can go somewhere close to Winnemucca such as Water Canyon, or make a day trip to Hinkey Summit in Paradise Valley or Rye Patch State Park. You can even make a weekend getaway to the Sierras and Lake Tahoe or Lamoille Canyon in Spring Creek.

From now until the beginning of November is your best chance to catch some of the amazing views that the state of Nevada has to offer. Check out some photos below!

Leaves Changing in Water Canyon

Truckee River in Reno

Hinkey Summit

Hiking in Lamoille Canyon

While out enjoying the scenery remember, in order to recreate outdoors responsibly you should follow the seven Leave No Trace principles. 

1.    Plan Ahead and Prepare
·         Know ahead of time where you are going. Take a map and/or GPS just in case
·         Pack plenty of food and water
·         Check the weather of the location you are going. Weather can change very quickly at high elevations
2.    Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
·         Stay on designated trails
·         Do not go around muddy spots but go through them instead. By doing so, you are keeping the trail the correct width
3.    Dispose of Waste Properly
·         Pack in what you pack out. Most isolated areas (such as Hinkey Summit) do not provide dumpsters and or garbage cans. Make sure you pack garbage bags and be prepared to take your trash with you.
·         Use designated bathrooms whenever possible.
4.    Leave What You Find
·         Removing cultural artifacts is illegal
·         When in doubt, take a picture, draw, or paint the scene instead of removing it
·         Keep your arbor glyphs (tree carving) to yourself
5.    Minimize Campfire Impacts
·         Have campfires only in designated campfire rings
·         Use dead and downed wood, or bring your own
·         Check for burn bans
6.    Respect Wildlife
·         Rule of thumb
·         Do not feed animals
·         Keep all food in a designated area away from your sleeping away
7.    Be Considerate to Others
·         Greet your neighbors
·         Keep your volume down
·         Respect their space

By sticking to these guidelines you will have an amazing family getaway, enjoy some great views, and allowing others those same opportunities. Enjoy the journey!