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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Summer with NOS

       Coming into this summer at Nevada Outdoor School I definitely had no idea what I was getting into but I’m far from regretting it. I began my AmeriCorps position as the Summer Outdoor Ethics Specialist at the beginning of June and I am now typing this on my last Tuesday here at NOS. I can honestly say that the past two and a half months have been hectic, educational, fun, beneficial and, well, that list can go on forever but the moral of the story is that my experiences at NOS have helped me grow as a person and also taught me many things that I can and will use throughout the rest of the life.
             Now, to share some of my most memorable experiences of the summer, we’ll start off with Sierra Summit Camp. 31 sixth Graders, 1 School Bus, and 4 Days in the Sierra Nevada Mountains equaled out to a more than busy week!  Although hectic and sometimes strenuous, the fun factor definitely outweighed all the craziness.  From kayaking, to swimming, to hiking, to fun activities at the lodge, that week was anything but boring.

Christian, Leading a Water Canyon Interpretive Hike

             After Sierra Summit I had started helping with Family Gardening Hour and the Water Canyon Hikes and also the ATV Rider Camps.  The ATV Camps definitely taught me a lot of patience and also how to work with a wide range of ages at the same time. To finally round out the Summer I had the pleasure of joining Andy Hart on a two day camping trip in the Santa Rosa Mountains which included installing cattle guards, putting up a kiosk, sinking in some directional signs, and camping at 7000 feet.
            Needless to say this summer has definitely had a healthy impact on my life and I also am thankful for all the people I got to meet along the way. I have grown so much as a person during my time here at NOS and I have taken on loads of responsibility which was just what I needed. I have a great appreciation for the wonderful people and adventures I experienced in the summer of 2014 and I will never forget it.

Christian Dawson