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Monday, March 19, 2018

Reflecting on being an AmeriCorps Service Member

The AmeriCorps program has helped me grow in so many ways. When I became an AmeriCorps member in the year of 2016 I was a very shy person. I was not comfortable making conversions with others or to speak out loud in public. As an AmeriCorps member we encounter with so many people daily whether it is at the office or at meetings. Since I was in that environment more often than usual it helped me feel comfortable and confident with myself. I was able to make conversations with others without feeling nervous. Being able to come out of my comfort zone is amazing because now I will be able to be more social and that is all thanks to the AmeriCorps program.

Being an AmeriCorps member serving at Frontier Community Action Agency has been such an amazing experience. Being able to impact someone’s life is truly an incredible feeling. There is a lot of people who are so grateful for what I do for them and even more grateful when they see that I am an AmeriCorps member. I love being able to help others and if it wasn’t for being an AmeriCorps member I wouldn’t be making a change in someone’s life. I have always had a passion to help others, but my passion has grown so much more being an AmeriCorps member serving at FCAA.


If it wasn’t for the AmeriCorps program and FCAA. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I am a lot more confident with myself and stronger than ever. It has been such a life changing experience being an AmeriCorps member serving at Frontier Community Action Agency. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I have been an AmeriCorps member serving at FCAA for two years and its been an incredible journey.


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