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Monday, June 11, 2018

Being an AmeriCorps at FCAA

Being an AmeriCorps member has different meanings, because there are different positions in different host sites. My AmeriCorps host site is with the Frontier Community Action Agency (FCAA).  You come into this position not knowing what you're in for thinking it's another job, but you end up getting to knowing your clients and building a connection. This is my first term as an AmeriCorps member and I hope to go for a second term next year.

The best part of serving at my host site is when clients tell you how much they actually appreciate the stuff you do for them, when you can see the true gratitude. We offer multiple ways to help those in need. We have Commodities, Welfare Assistance, Energy Assistance, Project Santa, and so many more. When clients come in we assess them which help us figure out if there is any other assistance we can offer them.

When I first started serving at FCAA I thought it was going to be just handing out applications and referring people places since we're the Family Resource Center, but I soon realized it was much more. I really enjoying working with and getting to know the clients.

I've been with FCAA for five months now and I feel that I have come a long way from where I was when I first started serving. Being an AmeriCorps member has taught me so much. I have experienced things that I didn't know I could. Being an AmeriCorps member has so many opportunities.


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