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Monday, June 11, 2018

Field Trip Season 2018

As we enter the last days of May and the close to another school year, Nevada Outdoor School has also finished up its field trip season for 2018. I am also coming up on living and working for nearly a year in Winnemucca. While planning and coordinating our various field trips can be challenging, it is also rewarding to see the results. 

During our first field trip, second grade students learned about their local watershed, the Humboldt River. Students participated in a variety of hands on activities as they went to different stations to learn about topics such as pollution and the local plants and wildlife that use our watershed. 

Our next field trip took place in Water Canyon. Water Canyon is located right outside of Winnemucca and offers hiking and camping in a beautiful and unique location close to town. During this field trip, third graders learned about topics such as water ecology, fire succession, the food web, and went on a nature hike. Most important, they learned how to be good stewards of our local resources and how to be responsible when recreating outdoors. 

Our third field trip took place in Lovelock at the Lovelock Cave site and the Marzen House Museum. During this field trip, we partnered with the Winnemucca Bureau of Land Management to provide a fun, educational field trip to fourth grade students. Students learned about the history of Lovelock Cave, the Paiute Indians who lived there, and the history of Lovelock itself. They also had opportunities to learn about local plant and animal life and Native American culture. 

Finally, we finished off our field trip season with our Ecology Fair. This event takes place at the Winnemucca Community Garden and also involves local fourth grade students. This field trip is unique, as it involves AmeriCorps members from our different host sites. Students are able to travel to different booths to learn and participate in short activities about topics that range from fire safety to animal adaptations. This creates a fun and educational way for students to finish off their school year. 

Not only are field trips fun for students, but they also provide us with ways to learn and develop fun, educational, and hands on opportunities for them to learn. Allowing students to get outside and spark their interests in topics such as wildlife, plants, or history will also help them be successful in the classroom. We are glad to offer these opportunities to students and teachers and are excited to see many of them back next year.

Happy Trails!


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