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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Beating the Winter Blues in the Black Rock

This past Saturday, the weather forecast looked like a great day for a hike, even more so because there was a front moving in Saturday night and it was going to get COLD!

In short, it was a great day to get out and Beat the Winter Blues!

So, Saturday morning, my husband and I loaded up our backpacks with water and snacks and headed up to the Selenite Mountains WSA outside of Gerlach.  

It was my first time exploring up there and it was incredible!  We hiked along the ridge line and enjoyed amazing views of the Black Rock Desert including at least five different wilderness areas. 

The wind was blowing (as it mostly does out here) and towards the afternoon, you could see the front moving in as the playa started kicking up a lot of dust. 

We saw super cool eroded rocks, some pretty awesome raptors, hearty plants and much, much more!

It was a great day and made watching the snow on Sunday and Monday that much better.
I mean, check out that view!

So, what are you doing to Beat the Winter Blues this month?
Don’t forget to send NOS your pictures and enter our photo contest for a chance to win some sweet NOS gear.

Have fun out there!

Happy Trails,


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