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Monday, June 3, 2024

What's New at NOS - May 2024

Summer is here, and excitement fills the air! Last month, we immersed ourselves in outdoor adventures, learning to identify native plants, hosting the Fire and Ice Golf Tournament Fundraiser, and so much more! Now, with the sun shining bright, we're ready for more fun in the great outdoors. Join us as we embrace the season with open arms, ready for new experiences and unforgettable moments!

2nd Grade Watershed Field TripsApril-May

During the months of April and May we completed 14 Watershed Field Trips with second graders from Humboldt, Lander, Elko and White Pine County! During these two hour field trips students learn all about our local Watershed, the Humboldt River Basin Watershed. A watershed is an area of land that channels rainfall, snowmelt, and runoff into a common body of water. Students learned many different ways they can help to keep their watersheds clean and healthy by limiting pollutions and negative impacts. At each of the four stations students had an in depth look at watersheds, their parts and locations by playing interactive games. This field trip is one of our largest and is fun for all those involved. At the end of each field trip, students are officially Watershed Heroes and share all the ways they can help protect our watershed! 

Students sitting for the introductory skit for the Watershed Field Trip.

Lamoille Environmental Education Days May – 6th-9th

For four days, May 6th-9th, students from Flagview Elementary headed out to the Lamoille Powerhouse Picnic Area for the Lamoille Environmental Education Days. During the event, students rotated through 8 stations, including a Leave No Trace presentation by Nevada Outdoor School! The students enjoyed learning about the 7 Leave No Trace Principles and playing Trash Timeline, trying to guess how long certain items take to naturally decompose. Over the course of the week, NOS introduced Leave No Trace to hundreds of students, and left each with a newfound curiosity about the natural world that surrounds them! 

Lovelock Cave Field Trip – May 9th

The Lovelock Cave field trip has been a tradition for Humboldt and Pershing County fourth graders for many years. During 2020, when all things were placed on pause, so was this field trip. When the Winnemucca Junior High School teachers asked NOS if we could help give their now 8th graders the opportunity to attend this field trip, we couldn’t resist! On the morning of May 9th, 90 students, chaperones and teachers arrived at the Historic Lovelock Cave. The field trip consisted of 5 stations where students learned all about native plants in the area, the history of the cave, native wildlife, and atlatl throwing. This event was a huge success and we are thankful we were able to provide this unforgettable experience to even more youth in our local communities.

Lovelock Cave Skins and Skulls Station

WNAN- Fire & Ice Golf Tournament Fundraiser – May 18, 2024

A great big THANK YOU to all of the sponsors and participants in Nevada Outdoor School’s 4th Annual Fire and Ice Golf Scramble Fundraiser on Saturday, May 18th at the Spring Creek Golf Course.  The day was full of beautiful weather, great golf shots and lucky winners!

The theme for the event is “Fire and Ice” and we raffled off 4 firearms and 4 RTIC coolers of various colors and sizes.  The firearm winners were: Joe Roberts who got first pick and choose the Winchester SXP 12 Gauge Shotgun with a camo wrap sponsored by McEwen Mining; Scott Potts who won the Remington 870 Fieldmaster 20 Gauge Shotgun sponsored by Robinhood Realty – Gary Morfin; Jay Rowen who won the Savage 17HMR custom stock rifle sponsored The Klub; and Jason Schroeder who won a Rugar American Gen 2 .308 Win Rifle with a beautiful custom adjustable stock and threaded barrel sponsored by RamCon Construction.

The RTIC cooler winners were:  AJ Vega, D’ette Mawson, Jeremy Nicholson and Jason Schroeder and our generous cooler sponsors were American Legion – Post 5, Canyon Construction, Ignite Chiropractic and MedX Air One.  Being our number one donor of the day, Jason Schroeder deserved to win twice!  We are grateful for his generosity.

Fifteen - 4-person scramble teams came out to support Nevada Outdoor School and competed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, plus 3 on-course game winners. The 1st place team of Joseph Shaw, Jake Sartori, Chris Symes and Kathy Symes with a score of 56, each won a $50 gift card to the Star.  The 2nd place team of Michael Kay, Ray Owen and Clint Jensen, all from MedX-Air One, with a score of 62 each won a $35 gift card to the Spring Creek Golf Course.  The 3rd place team of Mike Erquiaga, Cole Erquiaga, Louis Roman and Flo Carlson with a score of 63, each won a $25 gift card to the Spring Creek Golf Course. 

We added some fun to the tournament play with an on course game for yardage advantages on hole #10 where participants were challenged with some NOS outdoor ethics education questions to spark conversation about safe and responsible outdoor recreation and exploration.

The winner of the ladies’ closest to the hole contest on #8 was Sherry Murphy and she was awarded with a trip to Wendover to golf at Toana Vista Golf Club with a guest and an overnight stay at one of the Wendover Fun’s 3 resorts. The winner of the men’s closest to the hole contest on #17 was Mike Kay and he was awarded with a trip to Jackpot to play golf at Jackpot Golf Club with 3 guests and an overnight stay at Cactus Pete’s.

Additionally, there was a Straightest Drive competition on hole #2.  Winner, Cole Erquiaga hit the straightest drive with a shot 4 inches off the center line and won a $100 Visa gift card.

Thank you to our donors – Elko Broadcasting for the no charge radio advertising, Jackpot Golf Club and Toana Vista Golf Club for rounds of golf, Cactus Pete’s and Wendover Fun for the overnight hotel stays and The Star for the 1st place prize..

Lasty, thank you to Arms R Us and Gun World for the discount on the firearms and thank you to Andrew Collins and his team at the Spring Creek Golf Course and Jason and Colleen and their team at The Klub for so much help to NOS in hosting this annual fundraiser event.  It gets better every year!       

Humboldt County Rural School End of Year Party – May 30th

On May 30, 2024 William and Christy attended the Rural School end-of-year event at the splash pad near the Boys and Girls Club.  At this event, we taught four groups of children about volcanoes.  We had a volcano model that demonstrated how a volcano erupts.  The older children were encouraged to try out the volcano model themselves, and about half participated. With the youngest group, we had them just observe; however, they were too excited to keep their hands off the model.  They really enjoyed it!  There were about 70 children in total, ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  The points covered were: -          Types of volcanoes -          Parts of the volcano -          Types of explosions -          Vocabulary words associated with points covered -          Types of resulting rocks formed from volcanoes -          Demonstration of volcanic eruption -          Worksheets covering topics discussed -          Coloring pages depicting volcanoes The children were very excited and asked a lot of questions.  They demonstrated a good grasp of volcanic workings and knowledge of past eruptions; citing Kilimanjaro, Pompeii, and Mt. St. Helens. We provided flyers for upcoming events. The day was sunny and windy, and the temperature was in the 60 ‘s while we were there. Also in attendance were the parents, teachers, and 4-H. A bouncy house was provided.  

Humboldt Water Community Education – May 30th

On May 30, William and Melanie arrived at the Convention Center. Set up the watershed model and groundwater model. The goal was to present how a nonclean environment can cause water contamination within the surrounding lakes, rivers, ponds, and even people's wells and how those contaminants could cause people and animals to get sick.  William presented the watershed model, as Melanie presented the groundwater people seemed to really like it a lot.

Montiero Farm Day

On the illustrious morning of May 30th, Ash, driven by his unwavering commitment to agricultural education, journeyed forth to the Monteiros Mini Farm, an esteemed annual affair now poised to celebrate its 12th consecutive year. This esteemed occasion serves as a showcase for a diverse ensemble of miniature and micro-farm creatures, ranging from the endearing presence of pigs and horses to the noble stature of goats, cows, and chickens.

Amidst this picturesque backdrop, the esteemed first graders of Sonoma Heights Elementary School embarked on a memorable expedition, traversing the distance of approximately four blocks from their educational bastion to the pastoral sanctuary of the farm. Here, amidst the rustic charm of barns and paddocks, Ash, accompanied by his captivating menagerie of miniature pigs and ponies, assumed the role of educator and mentor, articulating with eloquence and passion the multifaceted joys and responsibilities intrinsic to the noble practice of farming.

The ensuing hours witnessed a tapestry of discovery and delight as the children, guided by Ash's expertise, embarked on an immersive tour of the farm's verdant expanses. Against the backdrop of fluttering banners and the melodic strains of avian song, they were treated to enchanting vignettes of farm life, punctuated by fleeting encounters with the resplendent peacocks that roamed the grounds with regal grace.

The collective spirit of inquiry and wonderment that permeated the air was palpable, a testament to the profound impact of experiential learning. In total, four classrooms, comprising a cohort of approximately ninety bright-eyed students, partook in this enriching odyssey, each departure from the farm marked by the indelible imprint of newfound knowledge and cherished memories.


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