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Monday, May 8, 2023

Destination Recreation: The Golden Gate Bridge by Jasmine Burnett

The Golden Gate Bridge makes a fun short trip if you are looking for something to do and get outdoors.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspended bridge that was built in 1993. To drive across the bridge there is a toll of about $10 for a two-axle vehicle and increasing in price depending on how large of a vehicle you have.  In the parking area, there are bathrooms available. There are also some signs about the history of the area and bridge. If you enjoy picnics there are sitting areas perfect for eating at.

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge gives you a great view of the San Francisco Bay area. The walk across is about 1.7 miles one way and takes about 35 minutes to walk. You also have the option to bicycle across the bridge. From the bridge, you can see the Ocean, the city of San Francisco, and the old prison building Alcatraz.

If you choose to go to the Golden Gate Bridge there are a few things that you might want to bring and plan ahead for. You should have good walking shoes and it is 1.7 miles one way. You should bring plenty of drinking water as it is typically warm in the area. There are a lot of photo opportunities so you will most likely want a camera. One thing to check on before going is if the bridge is under any construction as if parts of the bridge may be closed. If you have sensitivity to loud noises you may want to wear earplugs as there are lots of motorized vehicles passing along the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge attracts lots of people, on average there are about 88,716 visitors per day. There are ways we can reduce our impacts and help keep this area clean and available to future visitors. One way is that with many people there is a lot of trash produced so we should make an effort to use designated trash cans when visiting. Another way we can minimize our impact is by keeping pets on a leash. 

I hope this information helps you enjoy your trip to the golden gate bridge as much as I did! Remember when spending time outdoors you make choice actions that have a positive impact.

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