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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Winter Recreation Opportunities on the Santa Rosas

Written by Sierra Sampson, NE Botanist, US Forest Service, Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest

This just in… the great outdoors are still open through winter! Come out and explore the winter wonderland that is your Santa Rosa Ranger District! A perfect way to have a socially distant adventure in your own backyard! Are you trying to make the most of the snow season? Looking to try out a new winter sport? Want to create chilly memories with friends and family? We have got you covered, get out and explore your public lands!

Back Country Skiing

Hinky Summit Road- Easy, 6 miles round trip-

Under the right snow conditions, it is a 3-mile skin up to the summit, with an incredible view of the Santa Rosa ridgelines at the top, the journey down is swift ride when the powder is good.

Singas Creek Trailhead- Moderate, 10 miles round trip-

You will need a good 4-wheel drive vehicle to access, it is a beautiful opportunity to ski through magical mahogany forests.

Hansen Creek- Difficult, 5.5 miles round trip-

You will need a good 4-wheel drive vehicle to access, this is a steep section of the mountain and the skin up is a tough one, but from the ridgeline, the views of paradise valley make it worth the hard work!


Falls Canyon- Easy, 4 miles round trip-

Located on the West side of the Santa Rosas, this trek will take you up to an icy waterfall.

Horse Canyon- Moderate, 6 miles round trip-

This is a great opportunity to for winter bird watching, this is a moderate out and back trail that leads into the Santa Rosa Peak Wilderness.

Hinky Summit Road- Moderate, 6 miles round trip-

This is a good place to start for snowshoeing beginners, easy to access, a bit of a climb, but beautiful views, it is 3-miles to the summit.


Hinky Summit- Beginner skill level-

Easy to access popular destination.

Buttermilk Meadows- Moderate skill level-

An easy to access area, with deep snow drifts, and good views.

Granite Peak Area- High skill level-

This high-altitude area often has enough snowpack for good sledding.

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