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Nevada Outdoor School inspires exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Get Outside: We Are Here to Help Make That Happen!

 Happy New Year!  Thank you to our communities for the amazing support of our school-based programs and community events as we closed out 2021.  For many, 2021 was yet another challenging year, but we certainly felt your love as we experienced being together outdoors!

Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) is a nonprofit organization what was started in 2003 in Winnemucca, Nevada with the mission of inspiring exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat, and dedication to community.  After nearly 20-years in existence we have met thousands of people, kids of all ages, in and out of classrooms, in parks, in campgrounds, in far out places in rural Nevada and enjoyed exploring and just being in nature together. 

Are you ready to get outside?  NOS has some fun things brewing for 2022! 

For our school-aged participants, through our Nature in My World program we are in elementary schools throughout Humboldt, Elko, and Lander counties.  Our outdoor lessons and field experiences are tailored and intentionally designed to provide nature-based learning that deepens kids’ connection to, understanding of, and respect for the natural world.  Ask the kids in your world if they have seen NOS in their classroom and, if so, what they have learned.  This month, January, we will be in 4th grade classrooms learning about minerals and durable surfaces. 

Are you an active adult?  Are you a family with active kiddos?  Are you a parent wanting to get your kid off a screen?  Are you not-so active but want to get active?  Awesome! We are here to help!  Each month NOS hosts two kinds of community events.  The first is our Outdoor Skill series.  Outdoor Skill Trainings are usually 1 to 2 hours in length and you will leave with a better understanding relative to a specific skill.  For example, in December our outdoor skill workshop was on first aid kits.  Participants reviewed all the components of their own first aid kits and then prepared activity specific kits, actively thinking about what may be needed for their favorite outdoor adventure. 

The second type of community events are Community Nature Programs or Hikes.  These events are all about just getting together and having fun outdoors.  These are things like low-key hikes, trivia nights, and campfire nights and they usually end with s’mores and/or hot chocolate, at least during the winter!  For any community event, either the outdoor skills or the community nature programs, all ages and abilities are welcome.  These are intended to be any-age friendly and for families or friends to do them together.  We take great pride at NOS welcoming everyone and making it fun for all.

Interested?  We hope so!  Getting outside is a great way to fight back against the few extra holiday pounds or the winter blues.  NOS provides a safe place and way to become more comfortable in the outdoors, as we love to teach and inspire exploration.  We are also always interested in connecting with other nature enthusiasts who have a skill to share or want to volunteer to help.  If this is you, call Brandolyn at 775-777-0814 to volunteer.  To find out the latest information and learn about all our amazing programs visit our website: or call either our Winnemucca location at 775-623-5656 or Elko location at 775-777-0814. 

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