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Monday, March 9, 2020

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - Nevada Outdoor School

I love this job. Plain and simple, right out of the gate. 

I was a little leery about it at first being that it was an education-based position. I love kids, I have worked with kids most of my life, but educating/forming young minds can be a little intimidating. 

The last few months I have been a part of multiple lessons.


My favorites being 1st Grade with Snowflakes and 2nd Grade with Animal Tracks. Seeing these kids learn something new or find a new favorite animal makes this work all the more worth it. In this position, I have learned more and more about where my strengths are in education.

With snowflakes, we teach kids how to cut snowflakes out of hexagons. Working on shapes, counting and teamwork. 
Animal Tracks works with deduction and kinesthetic learning. 

Being there to work with these kids and help solidify these principles in their education really makes the entire process worth it. 

I look forward to continuing to serve as an AmeriCorps member and continue learning the skills I have and will use in the future.


BayLee Kirkendoll

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