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Monday, March 23, 2020

Peter Lassen

Two years ago, Nevada Outdoor School began taking kids to a new summer camp located at Lassen Volcanic National Park. However, who is the park named after? Well it is a man named Peter Lassen and he was a blacksmith by trade in the 1800s. He travelled from Missouri to Oregon then to California in 1840. In 1845, he obtained his citizenship in order to purchase 22,000 acres at Deer Creek and established the Bosquejo Ranch. He set to return to Missouri to bring people to live at a township he developed on his land. This group of emigrants were the first to cross the Lassen Trail.

Peter Lassen

In 1855, Lassen found gold and held many leadership positions between Native American tribes and his party. He continued searching for additional locations for prospecting when he discovered a silver mine near the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. He organized a scouting party of two groups to meet at Black Rock Canyon. The day after he and his two traveling companions, Edward Clapper and Lemericus Wyatt, arrived at the site in April of 1859, Lassen and Clapper were shot and killed. Speculation remains if members of his own scouting party or Native Americans were the culprits of his death. There is a Lassen Monument in his memory located under a Ponderosa pine tree.

Lassen Trail

To read more about Peter Lassen and his pioneer lifestyle by going to: 

Enjoy the journey!

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