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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

If You Give A Duck A Sandwich...

We all have a memory of going to the park; our parents packed a picnic, some drinks, and you headed out for the whole day. You would play for HOURS when it suddenly became lunchtime. You head over to start making your sandwich when all of a sudden you hear a faint noise *quack quack*. 

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The ducks know what time it is too.... 

Soon enough you are fending them off while trying to eat your sandwich as fast as you can. 

Along the way, you probably ended up dropping, or throwing, some of your bread to the hungry ducks. 

We all have this memory, but did you know that you should not feed wildlife?! 

Yes, this means the ducks too!

Bread has no nutritional value to ducks, yet it makes them feel full and takes the place of their natural balanced diet. If we constantly feed ducks bread, they will end up lacking essential nutrients and with a range of problems, one of which is angel wing. Angel wing is a condition where the last joint is distorted and causes the feathers to stick out sideways. This, in turn, can keep the bird from flying. If the bread is left uneaten, it can remain in the water and cause algal blooms, contribute to other wildlife eating it and getting sick, and poor water quality.

So next time you head to the park for a picnic, remember to enjoy that sandwich, but don’t let the ducks enjoy it too! 

Remember to practice Leave No Trace and Respect Wildlife.

Enjoy the journey!

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