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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

10 Year Partnership with Leave No Trace!

Did you know that Nevada Outdoor School has been a partner organization with Leave No Trace for TEN YEARS?! That’s right! This year is our tenth year collaborating with Leave No Trace to provide safe and responsible recreation to both youth and adults.

Today, Nevada Outdoor School incorporates Leave No Trace in a variety of ways from educational outreach to Trainer Courses, Awareness Workshops, lessons with local schools and other organizations, volunteer events, and more. The education staff all go through a Leave No Trace training and in turn, facilitate Leave No Trace lessons in local classrooms and at all of our summer camps. These lessons help teach the kids how to connect, respect, protect, and share the love for the outdoors. We do this through exploration, education, and stewardship. In addition, we also have conducted Leave No Trace educational outreach events all across the state of Nevada as part of our Road Show booth. This fun, interactive booth helps educate youth and adults about the importance and value of Leave No Trace and responsible recreation through hands-on activities.

Thank you Leave No Trace, on being the leader in promoting responsible outdoor recreation!

Check out their blog about all their long lasting partnerships!

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