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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - FCAA

The Frontier Community Action Agency is the non-profit organization that I serve as an AmeriCorps Member. Serving such a great organization that helps so many different people is so amazing. Being able to see all of the individuals that gain so much from our programs is truly rewarding. 

Right now, during the holidays is when we get the busiest. Whether people come in for applications, commodities, Project Santa, Thanksgiving basket sign ups or simply for help filling out or reading applications, we are SLAMMED. 

For Project Santa last year over 300 kids were able to receive gifts that maybe wouldn't have been able to receive any. I love kids and being able to know tons of kids will receive gifts on Christmas morning, warms my heart. We have been crazy busy this year with this program so hopefully that number will increase. Another great thing I would like to talk about is commodities that we give out the last week of every month. During this week, we get PACKED to say the least. We have had to start distributing the Friday before to minimize waiting times for the upcoming Monday. People were waiting for over an hour to receive food because of how many people we had coming through our doors. For the month of the September, we served 125 households and 323 individuals and we only keep getting busier. For the month of November, during commodities, we have been giving Thanksgiving baskets to families of 2 or more that need a little extra food for Thanksgiving dinner. We received 120 of those baskets. 

These programs are only a couple of the programs and help we offer. So far, serving as an AmeriCorps member has helped me gain experience in many different aspects such as office work, social work, and community service, helping me further expand my knowledge of what I truly want to do in the future. 

Jenny Torres

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