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Monday, April 29, 2019

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - Frontier Community Action Agency

AmeriCorps has been an amazing program to be a part of here in my community. I was not very aware of how many services are provided through AmeriCorps until I became an AmeriCorps member myself. Through AmeriCorps I work at my host site, the Frontier Community Action Agency, and there we provide many services to clients.

FCAA works a lot with Welfare with programs such as SNAP (Food-stamps), Medicaid, and Energy Assistance. We have the applications for these programs at our office ready to go, clients can come in apply for the services they need, and we send off their applications to Welfare or connect them to the necessary representative for help. In addition to these services with AmeriCorps, my host site works with the Foodbank of Nevada and other local community food bank to receive food shipments from them to distribute what we call food commodities to clients. Sometimes donations come in from other companies such as toilet paper, hygiene products, and even cleaning products that we AmeriCorps members can distribute at our host site.

AmeriCorps helps people in the community to connect to the right agencies to receive the help depending on their circumstances. It gives people a sense of hope when they are in hard situations and need a helping hand. AmeriCorps allows you to work with others who are like-minded and have the same goal, which is to better the community and provide services that will benefit others in need. I believe AmeriCorps is a beneficial program that strengthens the community wherever it can.

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