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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Outdoor Adventuring with Little Ones

When I found out that I was pregnant in September, one of the first things I had promised myself is that I would not allow having a child to dramatically alter our lifestyle. We will still travel,  hike and camp, and do all of the things that my husband and I enjoy, but as a family of three now (five counting the dogs) instead of two. I’m committed. In fact, one of the first things that we purchased in preparation for a baby was a nice hiking carrier. 

This week my husband informed me that he had been selected for the half dome lottery in Yosemite for October 8th. My husband and I are both very experienced campers but until now, I had not put too much thought into what camping with a baby actually looked like logistically.  I suddenly found myself planning a camping trip around a baby who hasn’t even arrived yet. 

My first thought was that the temperatures in Yosemite in early October can range greatly, and keeping baby warm at night was going to be a top priority.  I took to the internet to find out what suggestions people had for camping with a little one. I found tons of great suggestions not only for keeping baby warm, but also entertained, and well rested. I think the coolest thing that I learned was how many great online groups and forums there are, dedicated to helping people travel and adventure as a family.  These groups and sites are wealth of information, and folks who follow them are eager to weigh in on any questions that you have.  Some of the groups I found helpful where; Tiny Globe Trotters: Travel the World With Kids (Facebook), Back Packing With Babies and Kids (Facebook), (and Facebook), and REI’s expert advice page. 

As my due date approaches, the reality that I will soon have another human being to care for who cannot communicate with me gets more real, and scarier. The more prepared you are the more fun everyone will be able to have on their trip, it is reassuring to me that there are so many resources out there that will help me share something that I love with my child. 

Happy Trails!

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