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Monday, January 7, 2013

How Natural are Idioms?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and fun Holiday Season and a fantastic New Year. 

If your Holidays were anything like mine, then I’m sure you have many stories and fun experiences to share with your friends and co-workers.  One experience that stands out from my break involves the use of an idiom and how sometimes those fun figurative phrases don’t translate well and make you seem pretty crazy.  For me, it involved a cut on my hand and upon being asked what happened replying very casually, “Oh, I ate it.”  The look of horror and then confusion prompted me to explain further that “I fell while I was running.”  It was funny and we both had a good laugh.  It also prompted me to think about idioms we commonly hear or use, especially those relating to nature.  Sometimes idioms are easy to understand but others are clear as mud.  If you’re pretty down to earth and able to go with the flow then figuring out what someone means when they use an idiom is probably a piece of cake.  However, if understanding idioms isn’t second nature to you, you might find yourself barking up the wrong tree and being told to get out of town. 

I hope this blog doesn’t find you under the weather.  From everyone at NOS we wish you all the best and encourage you to take a hike (literally, not like the idiom… See, it’s tricky!)

HAPPY 2013,


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