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Nevada Outdoor School inspires exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

The New NOS Blog

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays,

Thanks to all of you who have been tuning in to this blog regularly to get opinions, tips or inspiration to get out and recreate responsibly.  I certainly hope you've enjoyed the posts.  NOS is still very committed to providing great Outdoor Ethics programming, however, we have decided to expand the blog, offer a bit more variety, and hopefully inspire even more people to play outside.  So we now have, simply, the Nevada Outdoor School blog.  We will be sharing stories, highlights, hot tips, fun ideas and all sorts of writings about all of our programs.  Please take note that the url for the blog has also changed to '' in case you had us bookmarked.  That link is always available from our website:, as well as, "What's New at NOS" which is the place to go for all the latest news and going-ons at NOS.

Have fun out there!

NOS Staff - November 2012

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