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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Packing for the John Muir Trail

Squirrel and I are doing our final prep for our week-long backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail. After forgetting some key items (my hiking pants!) on my last trip I decided I needed a packing list - and I'm checking it twice. Feel free to use this list or check it against your own and adapt as necessary.

Group Gear:
- wilderness permit
- tent and tarp
- water filter
- stove
- 8oz fuel canister
- lighter and back up lighter
- bear canisters (make sure all scented items fit pre-trip!)
- sleeping pad patch kit
- cards
- first aid kit (which has a compass and water treatment tablets)
- map
- toilet paper
- biodegradable soap
- food

Resupply Box:
- 4 oz fuel canister
- yet another backup lighter
- food
- homemade cookies

Personal Gear:
- sleeping bag
- sleeping pad
- cook set (pot and lid/plate)
- headlamp
- pocket knife
- camera
- wallet w/cash to cover any fees
- phone
- medications
- plastic bag to pack out toilet paper
- wet wipes
- tooth brush and paste
- feminine hygiene products (just in case!)
- camel pack
- water canteen
- sunscreen
- bug spray

Clothing items - NO COTTON ALLOWED!
- hiking pants!
- t-shirt
- long sleeve
- sun shirt
- puffy jacket
- rain jacket
- rain pants?
- underwear
- sports bra
- socks
- bandanna
- knit cap
- hiking boots
- camp shoes
- long johns
- gloves

What did I miss?


  1. Good day,

    This is a terrific list, but I would add two (somewhat unconventional) items.

    1. A paperback book. On my JMT thru-hike I grabbed an Agatha Christie novel at Muir Trail Ranch. I portioned out the pages each night just before I slept, and finished the book at Guitar Lake. It was a sweet diversion.

    2. A small tripod for the camera. (I really like the Gorilla-Pod.) That way you can get into the picture and you can even shoot video!

    Good hiking, Ray

    Ray Rippel
    Author, Planning Your Thru-Hike of the John Muir Trail
    Follow me at:

  2. Thank you for your additions to the packing list Ray! I actually did end up packing a small paperback, the latest issue of backpacker, and a little tripod. My tripod isn't as flexible as the Gorilla-Pod, but it did the trick for a few group shots!