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Friday, August 17, 2012

Adventure Resolutions: Fine Dinning and More

I have been working on my adventure resolutions since March and have made some good mileage! Squirrel and I just got off our 60ish mile stretch of the John Muir Trail last weekend - hike farther check! I recommend weekend warriors take a few extra days off work and try an extended back-country stay. It's a whole different experience and worth the extra miles! Plus, oddly enough I was less sore after a week on the trail than I normally am from a weekend trip.

As for getting out more, the John Muir backpacking trip takes my summer total up to four trips! I am a big fan of taking advantage of exploring the awesome places I live while I'm there. If I had to move tomorrow, I could confidently say I took full advantage of living in such an amazing place.
Mac and cheese plus extras = new fav
Plus! In addition to pizza, I've added a new dish to my fine dinning recipe book - mac and cheese plus extras. Take your pick of macaroni and cheese (I opted for the Trader Joe's variety) and cook with water - no need for milk or butter. Then add your pick of extras. I've had dry salami/avocado and bell pepper/avocado - both amazing after a day of hiking.


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