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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is here?

East Range from the NOS Office 3-19-2012

Did you spring outside this week?  Monday was the vernal equinox, making this the first week of the new season.  While some parts of the country enjoyed unseasonably warm weather, here in Winnemucca we looked like this photo, taken from the front of the Nevada Outdoor School office on Monday morning.  Regardless of the weather, people are certainly out and about; little league teams are practicing and bicycles are rolling around town.  On Sunday, we woke up to a couple of inches of fresh snow.  By afternoon the sun came out and the snow had all melted.  I went outside and took advantage of the sunshine for a little jog, then later that evening we got a brand new three inches of the fluffy white stuff.  Spring in the high desert it seems, as usual, is marked by rapidly changing weather conditions.  It is easy to forget, on a mild day like today, that snow, ice and freezing conditions may be with us for another few months still.  So, plan ahead and be prepared, get outside and enjoy whatever weather Spring serves up.  Plan ahead and be prepared; did I say that last time I posted?  Hmm… I guess there is a good reason it is the first principle of Leave No Trace.
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