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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adventure Resolutions

I was reading Backpacker’s January issue, I know you’re shocked, and their piece called The Backpacker’s Bible inspired me to come up with a few adventure resolutions for this year. I think I have a pretty epic summer ahead of me.

1. Hike Farther
The permit reservation is in! I’ll be hiking the first section of the illustrious John Muir Trail from Yosemite Valley to Devil’s Postpile. The longest backpacking trip I’ve been on so far is three days-two nights; the idea of seven days-six nights and 60ish miles of a granite-fest is incredibly exciting, but I’ll admit a wee bit intimidating. I want to be able to enjoy the experience rather than crashing every night as soon as we get to camp, so I’m enlisting in Backpacker’s suggested strength training, as well as running hills at elevation. Let me tell you, I’m already feeling the muscles rebuilding – better now than on the trail!

2. Get Out More
Snow isn’t even done falling yet and I already have most of my summer mapped out with the idea of balancing work with lots of play. I already have two permits reserved and a few dates set with hiking partners. Now I’m committed!

3. Go Solo
I’ve been on day hikes by my onesies, but have always had company for overnight trips. This summer I shall brave the wilderness alone, I think it would be a rewarding experience. I suppose I won’t be truly alone, I’ll have to bring my four-legged friend because it would just be mean to leave Aspen at home.

4. Fine Dinning
I will go on at least one backpacking trip this summer where there are no dehydrated meals allowed. I’m going to finally take a look at all of those recipes I keep ripping out of magazines and fashion some tasty backcountry meals.

5. Make Fire
Normally in the backcountry I go without, it’s just easier to wrap up in my sleeping bag. However, it would be nice to know I have the tools and ability to make a fire happen in the woods.

6. Never Get a Blister
OK, I nabbed this one from Backpacker, but who wouldn’t get on board with this resolution. First step – new high-top boots that are lighter weight and with more wiggle room in the toes. Let the hunt for my new Keens begin! Also, I vow to never ignore hot spots!

Now that I’ve put my resolutions in writing and put them out for the world (or our 13 followers) to read, I’m motivated to follow through. Watch for updates on how they’re progressing!

Do you have any adventure resolutions for this year?


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  1. I would like to try to ride my bike 100 miles in one day, a century as biking folks call them. I don't think I've ever done more than 30 at most.