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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snacktime Inspirations

Adam Peak - February 2012

On a snack-size pack of Ritz Snack Mix I grabbed out of the cupboard this morning, I found a message: ‘Snacktime Inspirations - Enjoy the great outdoors. No matter the time of year, outside activities can raise your spirits and keep you motivated.’ I could not agree more with this statement and thank you Nabisco™, (a division of Kraft Foods), for attempting to bring this to the attention of so many people. For those of you who read the February Leaflet, NOS’s monthly newsletter, you might have caught me encouraging all of you to get outside and enjoy northern Nevada despite the date on the calendar saying it should be cold, wet and dark. Well, for continued inspiration and to prove that I live by my word, here is a picture of beautiful Adam Peak, in the Osgood Mountains of northern Nevada. Some friends and I summited this local gem two weeks ago and my spirits were indeed lifted. This might not have been the case though, if we had not ‘Planned Ahead and Prepared.’ Despite mild and sunny weather in the valley when we began, we found the summit to be freezing with a passing snow shower. Carrying that extra layer sure came in handy. So, pack your layers, winter car kit, extra water and snacks, and go enjoy! Then, tell us what outdoor adventures have lifted your spirits this winter?


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