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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plan Ahead: Where are you going this summer?

Even though it’s only February, I’ve been fielding more and more calls, visitors, and mail regarding river permits, wilderness permits and campfire permits. It seems we have some folks practicing outdoor ethics!

Do you know what outdoor adventures you’re going on this summer? What have you learned about the area? Do you need a permit? Do you need a reservation? So many questions! So much fun to plan! If you’re thinking you have all the time in the world, well winter and spring anyway, to plan your adventure; that may be true if you’re back in Nevada where the outdoors are at your whim. However, if you say…plan to hike Half Dome in Yosemite this summer and only have one weekend open to do it; you’ll need to put in for the preseason lottery by the end of March because permits are now required every day of the week.

Not without a permit.

Permit or no permit, I’m excited for this summer’s adventures and can’t wait to ponder over a map or ten! Where are you going this summer?


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