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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

6 years and a 1,000 memories by Allana Havernick

 When I first moved to Winnemucca I figured I’d be here 1-2 years for my AmeriCorps service. That turned into 6 years as I was hired on as full-time staff, first as the Outdoor Ethics Program Director and then transitioned into the Programs Coordinator role. But like all good things, my time here is coming to an end. I can't explain how much my time here in Winnemucca and with NOS has changed me. When I first moved here, I was a young and bright 21-year-old with a sense of adventure and a dream to travel, experience new places, people, and see the great “wild west”. It all started after I graduated college, looking for a job, but coming up short in my hometown area. My cousin told me about this thing called the “AmeriCorps program” and said it would be a great experience and a “for sure” way to find a job that could get me the experience I would need for future jobs. So I began my search on the AmeriCorps website where I stumbled across several different programs, job descriptions, and found NOS.

Photo: 2019 Lassen Volcano Camp

I applied and interviewed from Buffalo, NY, and was more than happy to move 2,276 miles away from home. I was offered the position, gathered my belongings, and made the trek to Winnemucca, NV within a week! When I arrived, I knew no one, didn’t have a place to live, but was here and ready to go to work. Through my time with NOS I have done and experienced SO MUCH! I have led and assisted in 15 summer camps, 5 Ride Safe, Ride Smart (ATV) Camps, ran countless outdoor learning experiences (OLEs) with teachers in 4 counties and 12 schools, and been a part of 5 years of creating Watershed Heroes. I have been able to be a supervisor to 12 AmeriCorps members in 4 years, made friendships that will last a lifetime, and driven and explored most of Nevada.

LNT ME photo

I have also been given the opportunity to get so much training that I can’t wait to take with me to my next adventure from Leave No Trace Level 2 Instructor, Tread Lightly! Master Trainer, ATV Safety Institute Instructor, safeTALK, CPR/AED/FA, and many more. These trainings allowed me to not only get more skills but also bring more and more programs to the NOS communities over the years.

Photo: Gala photo

Lastly, I want to thank Melanie, Zulma, and Brandon for giving a girl from New York the chance to move here to learn and experience so much in the time I have been with NOS. Thank you to my coworkers throughout the years, the AmeriCorps members that gave me the chance to be their supervisor, and the board members for allowing us to run programs the best way we could. If you ever want to visit Buffalo or Niagara Falls, you know who to call ;) A big thank you to the communities I have been in, to the teachers that welcomed me and my members into your classrooms year after year, and to the parents and campers who allow us to take your kids on adventures from new skills, hiking trails, and even camping locations. Without you, I wouldn’t have the memories I do!

Photo: Buffalo in the shelter

You are all NOSome! Thank you for a wonderful 6 years and a thousand memories I have for life ♥️


Buffalo (Allana Havernick)

Photo: Map of NV

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