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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Destination Recreation - Fly Ranch

In the middle of nowhere Nevada, lies a unique feature that has been shared countless times on social media, in magazines, and has received travelers from all over the world to enjoy its beauty- Fly Ranch and Fly Geyser. 


Fly Geyser is on 3,800 acres of land located some miles north of Gerlach, NV. It is on private property managed by the Burning Man Project and Nature Walks are offered in partnership with the Friends of Black Rock High Rock. In order to view this masterpiece you will need to reserve a space during one of Friends of Black Rock High Rock Nature Walks, with their season beginning on April 1st! 

Fly Ranch is a Leave No Trace fan just like Nevada Outdoor School! There is no garbage service at Fly Ranch so everything you pack in with you (water bottles, sunscreen, clothing) you need to pack back out with you when you leave. Additionally, leaving behind any plants, rocks, bones, or artifacts that you may find on your walk needs to be left on the property so others can enjoy it in the future as well!

A big aspect of the Nature Walk is traversing through two sections of the 3,800 acre Fly Ranch, around 2 miles in total. On your guided walk, you will learn of local flora, fauna, and natural resources as well as be able to view some of the past historical Burning Man Projects from past events that are now housed on the property. What kind of wildlife might you see when you go out to the ranch? When I went I was able to see a group of wild horses, lizards, scorpions, coyotes, rabbits, several species of birds, and even antelope! You may also see rattlesnakes, deer, badgers, and more! Remember when you encounter any wildlife to respect them by using Leave No Trace’s the rule of thumb.


Another thing to note, which is quite amazing in the whole experience, is that they request you keep your cameras, phones, recorders, etc tucked away during the walk until you reach the Geyser and can take photos. This is because everyone is increasing their time in front of screens and we want to spend the time increasing our time spent outdoors and connecting with nature and all it has to offer. 

After your walk you will most likely be looking for somewhere to eat. In Gerlach, there are some great local businesses ready for your support! At NOS, we typically eat (and stay) at Bruno’s Country Club and Motel. They are fast, friendly, and have an amazing story with pictures all around the restaurant to explore. 

To learn more and to reserve your spot for the 2023 season, head over to


photo credit: Allana Havernick

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