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Monday, July 26, 2021

1st Annual Trap Shoot Tournament

 On Saturday, July 24, Nevada Outdoor School held its first annual trap shoot tournament for youth ages 7-17. Thanks to a generous donation from the Chukar Chasers Foundation, this event was free to all youth participants who were provided with a sweet hat, shells, safety glasses, earplugs and NOS water bottles and sunglasses. 

Nineteen youth participated in the event, with categories for ages 7-10, 11-13, and 14-17. Trophies were awarded to the top three participants in each category.  

 In the 7-10 age group, the winners were: 1st – Jonathan Gildone, 2nd – Ian Allen, 3rd – Benjamin Bryant.  In the 11-13 age group, the winners were: 1st – Txema Bengochea, 2nd – Maddox Lage, 3rd – Kira Wiley.  In the 14-17 age group, the winners were: 1st - Christopher Gildone, 2nd – Tim Allen, 3rd – Lennox Zebroski.

Humboldt County Sheriff Office Captain, Sean Wilkin, NDOW Game Warden, Zach Bowman, Damon Booth from the Chukar Chasers Foundation and the crew from the Winnemucca Trap Club shared firearm safety skills, hunting rules and regulations, hunting ethics and shooting techniques.   



A Remington 770 243 Caliber Rifle with Scope was also donated by Jaylen Hinkle and raffled off to lucky participant - Judah Bryant! 

We had a great turnout for our first event like this and were thrilled with the genuine interest the youth showed in learning a new outdoor recreation sport and how to safely handle shotguns!


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