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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mysterious Water

 Water.  Required for survival by all living things.  That is what we teach our “littles” in school, therefore we grow up learning the importance of water.  But, have you ever thought much about water itself?  The miraculously simple molecule that it is?  Two hydrogens (H) and one oxygen (O), H2O, with polarity (state of having two opposite aspects; a positive and negative side) that allows is to easily bond with some molecules, but also be a bit stingy with others. When water freezes it forms crystals.  Crystals are something becoming solid in an orderly fashion. 


The human body is about 70% water – therefore, in the physical realm we are mostly water.  Because we are mostly water, it makes sense that the quality of the water in our bodies impacts our health.  One way to determine water quality is to observe the structure of the crystals that are formed when it is frozen.  Beautiful crystals are there result of pure water that can organize itself in an orderly fashion.  Misshapen and distorted crystals are often the result of impurities that do not allow for orderly organization.   

Is there a link between the ability of water to form crystals and human health?  A scientist in Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has studied water for decades and one day began to look at frozen water with a microscope.  He found that the crystal structure of the water is impacted by the words the water was exposed to.  He discovered that water “reacts” to its environment, and that harsh words are as damaging to the crystals as chemicals.  To western science and medicine, this may sound nutty, but when we open our minds to what the western world might call “alternative medicine” we open ourselves up to things such as this that sound a bit nutty!  Dr. Emoto did extensive experiments and published a book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, that explains his motives and reasonings.  His bottom line is that what water is exposed to, physically such as chemicals and emotionally via words matters.  Therefore, since we are mostly water, what we are exposed, physically and emotionally, also matters because it impacts the water in us.  Fascinating!

This points to a fascinating connection between humans and a natural substance.  If Dr. Emoto’s research is accurate, then the importance of healthy (clean) water only expands.  It seems to reason that if humans are kinder and gentler, then based on Dr. Emoto’s findings our biological water is “healthier”, which in turn keeps us in state of health.  Can you see the connections and implications? 

There is a lot of research connecting human health and nature, and perhaps Dr. Emoto’s research is one more piece in this puzzle.  However, it is understandable that this thinking for some is probably a stretch.  That is okay, and you are not alone because there are skeptics of Dr. Emoto.   There are people who have not been able to replicate the research results and therefore question the validity of his conclusions. 

Like many things, science is still working to determine many of the mysteries associated with life on Earth.  It is known that water is critical for life, and clean water benefits all, humans, plants and animals.  Therefore, caring for our natural resources, both physically and with an emotional pleasantness may impact human health in a variety of ways we are just beginning to understand.  Get outside, find your emotional sweet spot, and release the negativity that builds up during a busy week, it is good for humans everywhere.

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