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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

NOS Outside Guide : Great Things to Do This Season - Camping!

Days are long and nights are pleasant so it must be time to go camping!  In Northeastern Nevada, camping can be an affordable way to be with friends and family enjoying the vistas and views.  From glamping (glamorous camping) to roughing it (the bare minimum), camping provides an opportunity for quality time with loved ones and an escape from the daily grind.   

One of the perks of camping in Northeastern Nevada is that in most places, not far off the paved road, cell services subsides, and you have no choice but to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.  Tuning into the babbling brook, the quaking aspens, the howling coyotes and the starry nights will surely leave you well rested and re-energized.  Or, if you are in a more populated area, the sounds of families laughing, kids playing hide-and-seek, and the variety of smells from nearby camp sites will also rejuvenate your soul.

There really is no way to do camping wrong unless you are just simply unprepared for your desired level of comfort and personal needs.  Minimalists will survive with what is on their back, and the glampers will bring the kitchen sink (literally!), but it seems that everyone will agree that getting out of the house serves humans well.
Three of the must-haves-to-enjoy the camping experience, according to the staff at Nevada Outdoor School, are offered here.  This is not about survival requirements, but about simply enjoying the experience.   If you don’t plan to bring your California King bed with you, a good quality sleeping pad helps with the rocky ground and heat transfer.  From foam to inflatable sleeping pads, having one may be the difference between a good rest and a long night.  If space allows it, having your pillow with you is icing on the cake!

Speaking of food, having ample amount of yummy and nutritious food is also important.  Because you may be more active while camping, walking, hiking, swimming, and playing catch, you and your kiddos may be prone to eat more, so pack accordingly.  Be aware of food storage requirements and plan ahead for keeping cold foods cold by having a plan to replenish ice in coolers.  Utilizing dry ice may be a good option.   However, wearing gloves for safety and learning how much you need is a tricky endeavor.      

Having a portable light source, such as a head lamp, makes camping more enjoyable.   A head lamp frees up your hands for other important things, like making s’mores, as well as makes the midnight run to the restroom safer.  Reading in your tent or camper is also made possible when a head lamp is included in your camping gear. 

Given the current situation due to Covid-19, be sure to call ahead or look at the website of your desired location to learn about availability and regulations.  Get outside and enjoy the amazing outdoors in a camping style that fits your family. 

Happy Trails!

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