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Monday, November 4, 2019

Lazy P Farm Field Trip

Let’s talk about field trips!


In the first week of October, I went to Winnemucca for the Lazy P field trip. Some of my coworkers and I went out to this farm (Lazy P Farm) and we taught about farm life. My station was about corn. 

Did you know corn is used for and is in many of our belongings? When I was first giving this lesson I was thinking, why do we need to teach about corn? Well, I started reading more and more about the lesson and found out corn is pretty cool! I found out that when it comes to making tires the molds are sprayed with corn starch to prevent sticking and to help stay in place. Some cosmetic like blush and eyeshadow contains Zea mays which is the scientific name for corn. One ear of corn is equal to 4 cans a soda. I also found out kids love to have kernel picking races.

As harvest season is coming to an end, just a friendly reminder…

Stay corny!

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