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Monday, August 5, 2019

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - Winnemucca Senior Center

I have been fortunate enough to work through AmeriCorps at our local Senior Center here in Winnemucca NV for three years now. Each day brings me a new sense of well being in my position as I know I've helped someone feel a little less stressed about their situation. It could be helping them with applying for State Medicaid to alleviate medical bills, or helping them get assistance for paying their Medicare premiums or energy bills. Sometimes it's simply just listening to them for awhile as so many seniors these days are a bit lonely and just like someone to talk to once in awhile.

Some days can be extremely busy with appointments and walk-ins, but everyone is always so grateful when they leave for any help I can give them. I hear “on the street” that “if you need any help or advice on Insurance, bills, finances or anything else, go see Barbara at the Senior Center.” This lets me know of the importance of this position here, and how essential it is to seniors here in our rural area. Many cannot easily make it to Social Security offices in Reno or Elko NV., so having someone here locally is so important.  I am so grateful for AmeriCorps providing this position here in Winnemucca; hopefully this position will be available for many years to come. It is so needed in our area.


Barbara Lockard
SHIP Advisor

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