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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service - The American Red Cross

As an AmeriCorps member, It's been a great experience and pleasure working with the American Red Cross! 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to get to know the volunteers who are willing to help out the community. I have been the first face to come out in the AmeriCorps, which has had a great impact on society because I have encouraged many others to be willing to help out society! 
One of our main commitments is to keep our community safe, and we ensure this by teaching many to be prepared for upcoming natural disasters that can occur anytime, along with installing free smoke alarms around the community as part of our organization! 

For instance, throughout the M.L.K day weekend, we were fortunate enough to reach out to the low-income mobile homes (Gardnerville, Carson City, and Reno, Sparks) who can't afford to purchase/install smoke alarms, so it's our pleasure of taking that role of doing so. 

Mohsina Haroon   

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