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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What's Happening in Elko

It has been one crazy summer so far!  For the past couple of months we’ve been teaching our 1 hour early childhood program Nature at Noon three times per week, teaching the three hour Park and Recreation program Elko Explorers once per week, running three multi-day camps, and a variety of other activities.  It has been one fun and exhausting summer.  It has been filled with laughter and sweat, sunburns and dirt encrusted skin.  It has been fantastic so far and there is much still to come.  

Last week we had a little help with the funding for all of these activities in the Elko and Spring Creek communities.  Barrick asked Nevada Outdoor School to be one of the charity organizations for their 2018 Bob Smith Memorial Golf Tournament.   And as you could have guessed, we said yes.  For almost ten hours last Friday we sat on the tee box of hole #6 (a 535 yard par 5) greeting the Barrick employees and inviting them to play our game.  For a mere $10, teams got the opportunity to spin our “Wheel of Ethics” and answer the corresponding situation-based question about Leave no Trace or Tread Lightly! to gain a 100, 200, or 250 yard advantage.  

For those of you who are unaware, Leave no Trace and Tread Lightly! are education programs that teach people how to take care of the places they love.  Some of the golfers were hesitant when they realized that their yardage advantage hinged on a pop quiz, but when assured that the quiz was more about education and less about tricking them to get the wrong answer, all teams joined in on the fun.    
Golfers learned how deep to bury their poop if they had to dig a cathole (6-8 inches), what durable surfaces would be good for setting up a tent or bad for driving a golf cart (wet and sensitive areas), how they should leave gates (as they were), who should yield to horses (everyone), and important items to bring on a hike to avoid getting lost (a map, compass, GPS, and a clear head).  Overall, it was one excellent day of education and fundraising.  Thank you Barrick!

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