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Friday, May 4, 2018

Reflections on AmeriCorps Service

Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca: A Place to Become

“The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. To achieve this mission, the Boys & Girls Club offers youth, ages 6-18, a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.”
Serving at the Boys & Girls Club has been incredibly rewarding and I’m blessed to be a part of something so great. We currently have over 100 children for programing with an average of 80 coming a day. I’m so incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and how much our club has grown from the beginning of the school year.
Boys & Girls Club has been a passion of mine since 2016 when I took a Youth Development Aide position at the Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada. When I first started, it was just a job for me I figured working with kids would be undemanding, I was mistaken. I started The Torch Club where I really fell in love with being a part of our future, because that’s what these kids are they’re our future. These kids are going to be the doctors that we rely on, the politicians that make our laws, and they are going to be running our country. I like to think that the Club is making an impact on these children’s lives.
When schools out, the Clubs in! Summer programing is going to be centered on education based activities like S.T.E.M, Summer Brain Gains and other fun programs to keep the kids brain active throughout the summer months. We’ll also be going on field trips to places like the park and public pool. Summer registration is now open! You can come in and sign your child up and we can answer any questions you may have regarding the club, programing, or the meals we provide.

-Sarah Reali (Boys and Girls Club)

Battle Mountain Elementary School
This week is the beginning of our end of the year test taking, right after spring break we jumped right into one week of last minute test prep and have now began the testing. Everything is extra crazy and hectic. All the grades have started their testing, 3rd and up have SBAC along with MAPS, the lower grades have both MAPS and Star Reading. 
My normal every day schedule has not been working out for my 3rd and 5th grades classes as they are the ones who started all the testing first, next will be 4th, then the rest of the lower grades that have not yet started will start the MAPS and Star Reading. From here on out for the better part of the rest of the school year will be nothing but testing and test prep for those who have morning started. Although testing can be stressful for the teachers I’m glad it has started and we can be done trying to cram all the last minute prep in. It will be nice when it’s over and we can fully go back to our normal schedule, though that can sometimes be crazy on its own.

-Taylor LeBaron (Battle Mountain Elementary School)

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