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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Friends, Games, and Crafts – OH MY!

Adventure Camp I

Nevada Outdoor School had the first of our Summer Camp programs, Adventure Camp I last week. And WOW – what a week it was! During the five-day day camp program, the 21 campers and our NOS Staff learned about Teamwork, Animals, Adventure, Space, and Water.

The campers and staff enjoyed all the games that were played over numerous days including Mini Tank, Toilet Tag, Ninjas Attack, along with many others.  But I think the highlights of everyone’s time at camp was swimming on the first day and when Professor Doug Hogan took the time to show the campers and staff some of his snakes, and his furry friends as well.

It was such a wonderful experience for myself, as the camp coordinator, to see the campers really grow from the beginning of the camp to the final day. During the five days of Adventure Camp I, the NOS Staff gave the Adventure Camp participants many challenges that they had to complete together. By the end of the week, the whole group had become a united force, and was able to complete the challenges that were put in front them. The campers became masters at One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, where they used team work and stealth to get a stuffed animal from a NOS Instructor to their starting line without being caught. I was also really proud of all the campers for accomplishing the Hula Hoop Challenge and getting everyone to pass each of the individual Hula Hoops around the circle and hold each other’s hands at the same time. The campers got so good, that at the second day they could pass around two Hula Hoops at the same time.

 All our Adventure Campers really had a good time during our Water Canyon trip, hiking around and learning more about Water Canyon. They got to see a lot of the canyon, and learned some new games on the trail. The kids also got to learn more about how to follow Leave No Trace, and helped the NOS Staff to wash dishes and build a fire. The next day, everyone participated in activities about space and pulled out all kinds of crafty skills to draw planets, aliens, and so much more!

I’m so glad I got to spend all five days with such an awesome group of kids. I think everyone at camp really appreciated one another, and grew together. All the kids came away from camp with new friends, new knowledge from our themes, and a better understanding of the world around them. I hope all the campers continue to use their energy and excitement to continue learning and growing.

Rock on!

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