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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plan Ahead, Prepare, and Adapt

Last weekend’s trainer course had a slight change of plans from Lamoille Canyon due to treacherous water crossings from the mass amounts of snow and rain we got this winter. Thankfully this was figured out during the scouting trip instead of when there was a line of participants waiting behind me on the trail at an impassable water crossing – Leave No Trace principle number one: Plan Ahead and Prepare!

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces –
practicing off-trail travel by dispersing their
impact to avoid creating a trail

Even with the change of plans, the course was a huge success with 13 participants, exciting presentations, thought-provoking activities, and a chance to put new-found knowledge to use. We ended up exploring our own backyard by backpacking into Water Canyon. Here are a few highlights from the course!

Dispose of Waste Properly – participants had a
problem or solution taped to their forehead and
had to find their match by asking yes or no questions

Nevada's latest batch of LNT Trainers!

See you on the trail!


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