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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Respect Our OHV Access

To put it simply – roads and trails are temporarily closed for a reason.

During winter and spring many dirt roads and trails are closed to vehicles. Use of wet roads and trails contributes to costly trail damage, erosion, and sedimentation of streams. These negative impacts can be easily avoided by allowing roads and trails time to sufficiently dry, ensuring quality recreational opportunities in the future.

Also, winter is a sensitive time for wildlife; their resources are scarce and they need to conserve their energy. Motorized vehicles may disturb wildlife, causing them to exert what little energy they have, leaving them exposed to predators and harsh winter elements.

Respect seasonal closures or risk losing access

By no means am I telling you to lock your ATV or OHV away for the winter, just know there are other places to ride during these wet months. Visit sand-based recreation areas where you actually get better traction in damp conditions, such as Sand Mountain or visit Sand Dune Guide for information on dunes across the country. Another option - put in for vacation time and plan a road trip to drier climates in southwestern states.

Do you have any suggestions on riding in the winter and spring? We’d love to hear them!


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