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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Hike Interrupted

UPDATE from The Humboldt Sun in the Feb. 22-24, 2011 issue:
"The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office announced last week that three men had been arrested and two others issued a summons to appear in connection with vandalism in the Water Canyon Recreation Area..."

Imagine driving to your local recreation area, in this case Water Canyon, excited to take the dogs for a walk on a warm-winter afternoon. They get to run off some energy, you get to soak up some sunshine and stretch your legs. You’re winding your way up the canyon road along the creek as your anticipation builds. You round the last bend where the trailhead parking lot comes into view – there it is! The trailhead restroom covered in graffiti… Your excited anticipation turns to anger and disappointment.

View of the trailhead and the graffiti-covered restroom

A bit excessive...

For the sake of this blog, we’ll keep the finger wagging to an outdoor ethics base. Whoever the perpetrators were, they were not being considerate of others. Fellow recreationists don’t want to see a graffiti-COVERED restroom, let alone use it. Also, they’ve created additional work for the Bureau of Land Management who now has to repaint the restroom – our tax dollars put to good use. Unfortunately, due to the cold-winter weather the cleanup will have to wait until spring so the paint will properly adhere to the tagged surface. Until then visitors to Water Canyon will have to suffer with this eyesore in an otherwise beautiful setting.

And to think…you just wanted to go on a hike.

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